Solo Violin Works

Rober McDuffy
The violin is a rather unique instrument and in the hands of a talented person it will sound like a woman singing.    There is a difference as the violin has a much greater range than any human could possibly have.  There are a number of extremely popular works for violin and orchestra.  The works by Fritz Kreisler and Franz Lehar are considered salon music.  Salon music was performed in the years before TV and radio. The wealthy would hire prominent musicians to come to their home and entertain for a party or other social gatherings.  These generally short works were played at such events and were immensely popular.  Sadly many of these works are not as popular today as they should be.  The CD that has most of Kreisel's and Lehar's works is a Telarc CD titled "Viennese Violin" (CD-80402) featuring Robert McDuffy.   This is the only CD that I have found that has most of these works in one place.  My personal favorites are "Vienna - City of my Dreams" by Sieczynski, "Love's Sorrow" by Kreisler.  If you read the titles of the various selection you will notice that one of them is a "Concertino" or small concerto.  See if you this CD doesn't become a favorite of yours.

 Some people may criticize my selections thus far saying they are "mushy" or "ultra romantic".  This could be but we have to start somewhere and I
think this is as good a place as any.  Besides, who is writing this anyway?  Now it is time for something bigger.