The Sonata

Beethoven Sonatas Mozart Sonatas

I was going to provide a definition of a sonata but as I searched for a proper definition, I found that it truly lacks a precise definition.  In the definitions I have read there were more 'ifs' 'ands' 'sometimes' and 'buts' than in a rugby rule book.  Suffice to say it is usually defined as a symphony in one movement.  Of all the sonatas there are two collections that I love and they are Mozart's and Beethoven's.  I would give Beethoven's a listen first and then Mozart's.  Nearly everyone is familiar with Beethoven's "Moonlight" sonata.  Mozart's sonata in A major (K331) third movement "Alla turca" or "Turkish Rondo" is a very popular piece and has been used in commercials and TV for quite a while.  Just for the record Beethoven wrote 32 sonatas for piano and Mozart wrote 18.

Let's see.  We have not covered symphonies yet!  I think it is time we explore the symphony.