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This site was begun in September 2003 when I realized that most of the Gravely questions I was answering in online Gravely forums might never have been asked if the people asking the questions had referred to the appropriate Gravely manuals. I discovered, much to my surprise, that many Gravely owners don't have manuals, so set out to make them available for download.

The first manuals and parts lists posted on this site were from a large collection acquired by Michael Koch, who scanned them, converted them to PDF format, and sent them to me on CD. Since then I've added a large number from my own collection, plus manuals donated by a large number of Gravely enthusiasts. Richard Cashman's contribution to the site is especially noteworthy because in addition to contributing scans of manuals from his own collection, he has also reworked many of the PDF files already on the site to improve their quality and reduce their size. Many other Gravely enthusiasts have also contributed manuals from their own collections, but unfortunately I haven't kept good records of who contributed what so can't list them all here. On behalf of the entire Gravely community, many thanks to all who have contributed!

The links below take you to collections of Gravely Manuals & Parts Lists that have been digitalized and converted to Adobe PDF format. When you click on one of the manual names, the corresponding PDF file should download to your computer. Some of the files are very large, so may take a very long time to download. Please be patient.

Once the download is complete and the file is on your computer, what happens next depends on how you have your computer and Web browser configured. Depending on which Web browser you use, the PDF file might open for viewing right within the browser. Or, if your Web browser is configured to use a PDF viewer as a helper program (Adobe Reader on a PC or Mac, or Preview on a Mac OS X computer), the viewer should open automatically and display the file for reading. If all else fails, find the file on your hard disk and double-click its icon to open and read it. If you have Adobe Reader on your computer the file's icon will look like the one on the left. If you have Preview (Mac OS X) it will look like the one on the right. If you don't have either Adobe Reader or Preview you can't open these files. You will need to download Adobe Reader from the Adobe web site by clicking the "Get Adobe Reader" icon below.

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I am often asked for manuals that are not currently available here. Sorry, what you find here at any given time is all I have. I add items as I acquire them or as they are donated by others, so check back often for new material.

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